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Why Biolyzer?


Simply because a program for analysing fluorescence curves makes life easier! Your project reports will come faster as results are on the fly with just some clicks. During the course of your experiments you can visualize and analyse in a fast and reliable your collected data and decide the next step, make changes, extend your experimental scope, find new phenomena, put new questions on unexpected results.

Because Biolyzer is also a powerful data-mining tool, it helps you to discover new knowledge and you get more from your measurements. You load your fluorescence curves into Biolyzer and you are ready for data presentation. Full of plots, models, tables, math analyses, and well equipped with a extremely useful options Biolyzer will help you to make your research a real pleasure as reports, publication papers and posters become as easy as a mouse click.

In 1999, I made the right decision to write from scratch a MS-Windows 98 software program for processing thousands of fluorescence curves... The main goal was to create a program that could quickly make all of the JIP-test calculations and plots. This is how a first Biolyzer version was born. I started to distribute this first version for free, as an academic product. Very soon, it became a reference among the community of photosynthesis researchers all over the World.

Since that time, Biolyzer have been successfully used to monitor and characterize a wide variety of photosynthesis related phenomena, and the JIP-Test has become a widely used method for studying plant stress, plant physiology and plant genomics research. With Biolyzer, the demand for a rapid, non-invasive screening test, which can be easily applied to study the physiological condition of plants and algae, has been satisfactorily fulfilled. The possibility for relatively non-expensive data acquisition using commercial portable fluorometers has allowed extending the JIP-test applications to in-situ open-field biospectroscopic measurements.

A typical field experiment may imply collecting up to several thousand data files. The JIP test with Biolyzer represents a strong advance for analyzing huge amounts of fluorescence transients. With the application of the JIP-test, the researcher is able to extract more information from the fluorescence transient.

Biolyzer has built-in extended mathematical procedures that help to extract more information from a full fluorescence transient. Biolyzer is the result of an in-depth knowledge of chlorophyll fluorescence analysis using the JIP-test. Biolyzer provides the user with powerful and robust analysis and modeling tools through the final result with just some mouse clicks.

A worldwide network of Biolyzer users have helped to test this software, to address new analysis methods and tools and thanks to a great and fruitful exchange of ideas and permanent testing in a collaborative intelligent network has allowed developing more new capabilities of this software.

In a word, Biolyzer exists because we need it for applying chlorophyll fluorescence analysis in plant photosynthesis research in a fast and efficient way.

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